Artist on the Rise: Pointlessimon!

Meet an artist on the rise to global stardom! Indie/ alternative rock musician “Pointlessimon” sits down for an exclusive interview with Youth Time Magazine. From opinions on the current mainstream music culture to life as an independent artist, “Pointlessimon” is a musical force to watch out for!

In this modern technological world, there are many artists that grace the internet stage. It is through the world of social media and other technological entities, that musical artists are able to express their talents on an international level. Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Indie rock artist “Pointlessimon” defies musical boundaries and tests the musical status quo. The name “Pointlessimon” was named randomly. No meaning at all. “I find it pointless to give a deeper mean to an artist’s name or nickname”. The 21-year-old musician currently lives in Prague and studies “Creative Media” for the past 3 years. Through the in-depth interview, the artist expresses his humble opinions about the music industry and the troubles artists face today.


When did you starting singing?

I started when I was 15 or 16 years old. At an early age, I use to take guitar lessons, but I was too lazy to learn anything. I had the breaking moment when I started to appreciate the concepts and theory of learning guitar, which prompted me to begin writing my lyrics and instrumentation.


You have such a distinct sound! What or who are your music inspirations?

Photo: Pointlessimon
Photo: Pointlessimon

Well to be completely honest, my first inspiration was when I started watching this cartoon called “Steven Universe” and this introduced me to the whole music world, and I fell in love with the music which inspired me to start playing the ukulele and jamming with various chords. I realized then that music was quite interesting. Its hard to pinpoint a favorite artist, but I admire “Oliver Tree”. I like his sound, and his annoying personality is hilarious. His music is amazing! “Twenty-one Pilots”. I have been to their concert and enjoy their music time to time. Their mixing is incredible. Other honorable mentions include “Artic monkey’s” and “Nirvana”. Amazing musicians.


Let’s talk about your first EP “Dose of Negativity”. What was the theme or concept about?

Well, it has been a while since I released the EP. I find it quite weird and a bit outdated. I bet most artists feel that way because its all about what they are feeling within that very moment in their life. For the time, I think I put a lot of effort into it. The meaning is in the name. It is depressing. At the time, that was what I felt, so I put that energy into the music.


You are currently not signed to a label. What does it truly mean for you to be an independent artist? Overseeing marketing and digital promotion within a world that is so “technology- forward”?

Well, I guess the hardest part is to create a solid fan base or audience. It is hard to find somebody or a group of people that will understand and love your music so much that It yearns them to come back for more. It takes a lot of time and effort. In my opinion, more than it should sometimes.


Judging from your past knowledge in guitar and ukulele, you can produce and create your own content which is amazing! What is a benefit to being able to create your own music instrumentally and lyrically?

I would say that there are pros and cons to that world or “benefit” when it comes to producing your own music. The “pro” of the process, being that you don’t spend that much money and you truly do control everything, but there is a downside to that. When you control everything, you do tend to make things “in a bubble” that means that you are the only one who can affect the song. Now it can be the way you want, however what if it could be better? Through other people’s feedback, it helps the process substantially. That’s why (in my opinion) its better to ask someone to mix and master your material, so the artist can get another perspective.


You are working hard on your next EP, what can listeners expect from the next EP?

Honestly, the next EP is going to be BOMB! Its going to be Hella good! It’s an unusual style, but for those looking for something fresh and new, you will love it. It tells a story and overall (regarding the craft and presentation of the work) the concept has a strong and distinct idea to it. I think when the listener will listen to it, they will go on this cinematic journey which was what I was going for. I hope people will enjoy it!


In today’s music, there seems that the mainstream is capitalizing on various underground music scenes and working with a lot of indie artists. In your opinion, what is the mainstream sound? Do you enjoy it?

When it comes to mainstream, I don’t listen to it. I just like exploring sounds that I like. I don’t really like it because when I listen to mainstream, it just feels like you heard it before, with a touch of something trendy. Everyone is trying to stick to some genre. People and artists should experiment more with their musical taste in my opinion.


You have collaborated with various artists over the years! Who are some of your favorite artists to collaborate with and why?

Well, it’s a tough question because they are all amazing. I collaborated with this artist, “ISAAC”. He does his own unique stuff. He is a hard worker. He puts a lot of effort and time into his art. He is a super good artist it pains me to say. (note the sarcasm) He is a good vocalist. Whenever we collaborate on something it usually sounds super good!


For some artist’s, performing live is the best part of being a musician. Do you like performing in live spaces and if so, what do you like best about performing live. How does it feel?

I have had a few! It is a bit nerve racking. No matter the level of experience you have in performing, you will always have a bit of nerves which is totally okay. What’s good about it, is you get that sensational adrenaline rush when you perform which means you are doing something you love. If you are having fun, and enjoying yourself, that’s all that matters. It may not sound exactly like the recording, but that is the beauty of live performances. Enjoy the nature of the voice!


In today’s world, it is hard for artists to make a living with their music. For example: businesses and corporations have this “fixed” idea, that artists should be paid less or not at all! Various musical sources have expressed that multiple projects do not and have not paid them for their services or participation in events. What is your opinion about that? Does it affect you?

It very tough. The life of an artist or musician. Being a musician is a business. You must invest in it. Its hard to buy the equipment at the start. It may be expensive, but it’s just like any other business. If you chose to be a musician, you should be aware that you may not make a lot of money towards the beginning of your career. It’s never guaranteed. Being a musician is not about being rich. To get to that position, you must work extremely hard! It’s a fair game for now, welcome to the real world!


Be a part of his musical journey as he continues to shine his edgy light on all thing’s music and creativity. This musician truly is a game-changing artist. Check out “Pointlessimon” on Instagram, and Spotify.

Photos: Isaac Herron, Pointlessimon

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