Sven Anger is Back for #YTSummer with New ‘Art of Negotiation’ Workshop

Everyone who took part in last year's YT Summer School in Siena remembers Sven Anger. For some he was "the best looking German man they ever saw", for others a very pleasant and highly professional trainer who led one of the most interesting workshops last year.  So here is some good news for this year's sophomores:  Sven is going to be in Hamburg, this time with an "Art of Negotiation" workshop.

The art of negotiation with Sven Anger

Sven, let’s start with some feedback.  How does Summer School in Siena look now, from the perspective of one year later?  And what expectations do you have for the coming event in Hamburg?

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since Summer School in Siena.  The wonderful atmosphere, all those inspiring participants, and their focus and eagerness to learn still resonate with me vividly.

I would imagine that this year’s event, taking place somewhere else and with a different group of people, will open new perspectives and opportunities to learn from one another as well as to inspire each other.


Tell our newcomers something about yourself, and let our sophomores know what you have been doing since last summer.

I am a business economist and an actor by trade.  After years of working in sales and management for a global forwarding business, I founded a coaching company in 2007 to help people become more aware of their skills and attitudes and use them to excel.

These last twelve months I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with people from different walks of life, facing all sorts of challenges and guiding them on part of their journey.


Let’s talk about your “Art of Negotiation” workshop.  What is it going to be about?

We are all negotiators at some point in our lives, whether we like it or not.  Therefore we will dive into the principles of human needs and wants, explore them and learn how certain behavior can lead to the desired outcome.

Independently of where I work or who the client is, I am fascinated by the impact it has on people’s time and again.


What will be the main focus of the workshop?

We will explore several main aspects, such as the fact that there are always several layers in a negotiation.  In addition, I will introduce a powerful negotiating strategy that you will find most great negotiators use. Over-all it will be a practical and interactive workshop.


What should Summer School participants do to prepare before attending your workshop?

I would like to invite the participants to think about the times they have personally had to negotiate and ask them to bring their specific challenges to the workshop.  These can be situations from work or their personal lives.  Participants tend to benefit more from a workshop when they relate to the topic personally.


How will your workshop help Summer School attendees in the future?

Since negotiations are an integral part of human interaction, I see the participants going into future negotiations with increased confidence and with additional tools they can use to achieve their goals.

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