A Selection Of Brilliantly Made Movies For This Weekend

Time runs fast and here we are approaching the weekend again. Today, as usual we at YT have some excellent movies for your weekend watching and enjoyment.

Finding your feet
One never knows what forces are going to turn one’s life upside down. Imelda Staunton and Celia Imrie are two estranged sisters of contrasting personalities finally get together during their retirement years because of circumstances. An energetic comedy that proves one can find one’s footing at any time.

Tuntematon mestari (One Last Deal)
This film also looks at the possibilities of how to fix broken relationships from past. Olav is an elderly art dealer who has always preferred his work above anything else, including his family. The relationships got ruined over the years and Olav now is at a stage when he wonders about what he is to do once he retires. His dream is to do that one final deal – something really big. And he gets his opportunity and also the possibility to fix the relationship with his family.

Agnes is a descendant of immigrants living in the USA, never really leaving the community she had once settled into. going about her daily routine, looking after and actually serving her family and supporting their lives, when she suddenly discovers a hobby of her own. And then onward she starts putting the little jigsaw puzzle of her life together.

In case you expect a credible historical movie, perhaps now is not the time. Casanova, starring Heath Ledger is bit of a parody of this extraordinary character. Given the number of laughs, you sure will find it worth watching.

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