A Review of Heal – An Extraordinary Netflix Documentary

Do you believe in the power of your mind? Do you think you have the ability to transform your patterns, habits and cure your wounds, just by thinking positively? If so, read on to be even more convinced. And if not, read on to become amazed by the arguments that Heal provides on this matter.

Have You Watched A Netflix Documentary? A Review of Heal!

Netflix Documentary “A Review of Heal”: “How do thoughts and emotions control our health? Doesn’t it seem like so many people you know nowadays are dealing with illness? Has our world and our food has become so toxic that illness has become inevitable remember.

“When I was a kid, I remember thinking how magical it was that when you get a cut, all you had to do was clean the wound, forget about it, and it healed all by itself? I feel like we’ve forgotten how intelligent our body is.”

With these intriguing questions, Netflix documentary Heal starts treating a very interesting topic, so much worthy of discussion and so much worthy of looking up: the link between our lifestyle, mental health and our general wellbeing in correlation to the phenomena of illnesses.


Healing Up

The 2017 documentary is led by director Kelly Noonan Gores. Kelly and the cast of the film take us on a scientific and spiritual journey, where we can hear stories of people who share how their thoughts, beliefs, and emotions have had a huge impact on their health and ability to heal.

The documentary has a very empowering approach, insisting on the fact that we are not victims of unchangeable genes, that we have more control over our health and life than we have been taught to believe, convincing us that there is an inner healing power that lies asleep in our sub-conscience.

Deepak Chopra / Photo: Shutterstock - s bukley
Deepak Chopra / Photo: Shutterstock – s bukley

The documentary shares perspectives of some of the most famous healers, scientists and spiritual teachers such as Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, Deepak Chopra, Michael Beckwith, and Kelly Turner. Bruce Lipton will have you mesmerised with his takes on ‘The Biology of belief’ and on how much we over estimate medicine.

At the same time, Heal follows three people’s journeys towards the understanding of their illnesses, and how they develop a holistic approach towards the whole process of healing. Their stories are all deeply personal, but they can also be very spontaneous as these characters look back at their journeys and realize just how much enlightenment they have achieved.

For instance, Elizabeth Craig starts revealing details about her healthy routine, yet very stressful life until the moment she started noticing she has frequent headaches and nausea.

She explains how doctors eventually diagnosed her with stage four colorectal cancer and told her that she was critically ill, and how she was anxious about to give up, until she started meeting Dianne Porchia her spiritual psychologist that helps her get through this hard phase, resulting with a change of her thinking habits and a cancer free life.

A similar anxious life is the story of Eva Lee, only that this time her lifestyle manifests through the appearances of skin rashes and boils throughout her body, and the positivity she gets from her therapy sessions with Patti Penn, a Reiki master and Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner. Anita Moorjani describes her experience with lymphoma. She believes that fear is the cause of her cancer and says her tumors dissolved within five weeks.


Sharing Emotions

The discussions that follow are absolutely mind-blowing, and they will leave you constantly absorbing information about the way we (miss) perceive chronic illnesses, how we treat them or numb them with antibiotics, when in fact, what we ought to do is look for an alter solution inside our hearts and inside our head.

A Review of Heal – An Extraordinary Netflix Documentary
Journey to self healing

You have David Hamilton describing his role as an organic chemist and the effects of a placebo – how a fake pill, or a fake surgery, that brings us results only because we believe in it psychologically, sometimes fools most of us.

Several individuals discuss past trauma and stress on physical ailments, sharing strong emotional messages and clearing out the road for other people who are experiencing similar situations.

The documentary raised many questions about its consistency of facts and about the way speakers throw shade at the use of pharmaceutics, however, I believe that it is deeply a matter of perspective and a matter of what you personally believe as well.

Whether you are an optimist, pessimist, believer of the mind-body and of the fact that the substances you feed your brain with, become the substances that make you, as a whole human being with a certain perception of reality.

Overall, I would totally recommend it for empowering purposes. Even if you do not believe in the mind-body link at all, “Heal” will raise a sense of responsibility within you, making you more prone to take care of yourself and your daily habits. And you don’t have to take my word for it, watch the documentary yourself and see what you think.

If I change my perception, change my belief about life, I change the signals that are going and adjusting the function of the cell” – Dr. Bruce Lipton, for Heal.

If your thoughts can make you sick, is it possible that your thoughts can make you heal?”, Dr. Joe Dispenza, for Heal.

Tonic thoughts produce tonic chemicals. Toxic thoughts produce toxic chemicals” – Dr. Michael Beckwith for Heal.

Photos: Shutterstock

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