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It is the anniversary of my debut album “ISAAC, Vol.1”. As I close the book on a well appreciated project, with many talented musicians slaying their efforts on these monumental…

What If AI Went Out of Control?

Consciousness has remained to be a trait limited to human beings. At this point, however, it seems that it might become a trait of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as well.

Dune: A Part One Masterpiece

With a star line-up of one huge actor after another, Dune is a visual masterpiece that’s best experienced through the big screen. Even if perhaps, at times, the feeling that…

What is Political Music?

Some music has journeyed into political music with songs being picked up and used within activism. We chart the history of it.

Is Classical Music Dying?

For centuries, classical music was at the forefront of musical innovation, but what about now? Are we at the end of the road?

The Sounds of Nu Disco

Genres define music and they are constantly evolving. Here, we look at how disco music is shifting to Nu Disco around the world.