7 New And Interesting Apps Recommended By Telecommunications Students

I consider myself an ordinary app user; I´m not an expert. That´s the reason why I decided to ask a very good friend of mine, who´s studying telecommunications in Madrid, about the most popular apps in today´s global market.

I told him that I was looking for something new, different, that would go beyond Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Without hesitation, my friend put his hand in his pocket, took his phone out, and started texting other friends regarding what I was asking. They came up with numerous apps and comments that I´ll summarize in the following list:

  • Periscope: “What the heck is Periscope?” you may ask. That was the same question thousands of Spaniards asked themselves when, a few months ago, the FC Barcelona football player, Gerard Piqué, started using this app for the first time. Periscope allows the user to live stream videos for the whole world to see. Just like Twitter or Instagram, this new app works with followers, who receive a notification when another user posts a video. They can leave comments or send “hearts”, meaning they like a post. This app makes different parts of the world come together instantly through live streaming. Highly recommended.
  • MSQRD is the acronym of “Masquerade”. Its arrival was so successful that after a few weeks, it was compared to the unbeatable Facebook. What’s new about this app? The innovation of this app is that it allows you to put famous people’s faces or simply funny elements like hats or bunny ears on top of your own face. It’s a fun app that allows you to have a good time with your friends.
  • Are you one of those people who easily forget their passwords? Do you want to make your personal accounts safer? The best app to deal with this is 1Password. On top of being free, it’s available for Mac, Windows or Android, so you can carry your passwords safely in all your devices.
  • If someone told you that you could access all the radio stations of the world in one single app, and for free, would you believe it? TuneIn Radio makes that possible. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, or what your preferences are, because the wide variety of channels registered in this app will meet all your needs. On a personal note, I can say that every radio station I’ve looked for, I’ve always been able to find.
  • In today’s society, it’s not enough just to talk about what’s going on. Recording videos help us spread ideas and communicate in a much better way. If you consider yourself a perfectionist, or you simply want to produce quality videos, I would suggest you download Hyperlapse (iOS, Android). This app works wonders with mobile phone videos. It establishes the video and makes it twice as fast. The only problem I have found is that, if you make your videos faster, they won’t have audio.
  • If video is the key to communicating and expressing ideas in today’s society, photography is just as important. That’s the reason why I’ve chosen VSCO as one of the best apps to edit pictures. If you’re tired of Instragram’s filters and you’d like to explore new ways to edit them, this is your app. 
  • And lastly, this article couldn’t end without mentioning a recreational app. This game is a “mass social phenomenon” or simply an addiction, I don’t know which. It became very famous as a computer game and now, Forge of Empires is available on your mobile phone too. This game of strategy between medieval empires, will allow you to entertain yourself in your free time and escape from reality.

All these apps are free.

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