7 Most Innovative Startups in Slovenia

Slovenia is the small country with a small population, but with a lot of great minds. Slovenia it is definitely a buzzing start-up scene & eco-system, the very unique breed of young entrepreneurs who are constantly developing and searching for new ways to do innovation. Here's our traditional list of '7 start-ups' that aims you just to fire the spark of your curiosity to start and dig more about Slovenian start-ups in this case.

The list of the best startups in Slovenia


The objective of any health care institution is to optimize the length of a surgical procedure and increase its quality. ADORA is an interactive physician’s assistant enabling a unique presentation of information about a patient before and during surgical procedures.

ADORA is a product of field knowledge, modern information, and communication technologies as well as advanced hardware. With its simple use of contact-free interaction, it shortens the duration of surgeries and indirectly affects the patient waiting times.

Startups in Slovenia, ADORA


2. CubeSensors

CubeSensors are small, stylish, and connected devices that help you understand how every room in your home or office is affecting your health, comfort, and productivity.

The Cubes are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and can easily blend in any room you want to optimize for leisure, sleep, or work. Each Cube measures temperature, humidity, air quality, noise, light, and barometric pressure.

Startups, Slovenia
Cube sensors


3. Toshl

With Toshl, users are invited to track their daily purchases in order to simplify their financial lives. Enter the price, connect it with a tag, and organize and follow the expenses by automatically tag created modules that provide a better understanding of users spending habits.

Startups in Slovenia
Toshl, Finance


4 Genialis

This is an innovative data analysis solutions for life scientists. This start-up helps life scientists to understand their data by using information technology. It offers bioinformatics support to life science researchers, helps with data analytics, visualization and data integration.

Startups, Slovenia, Genialis


5. GoAvio

Short and simple, nomads, travelers, explorers, and citizens of the world this is a must-use platform for your upcoming trip around Europe.



6. Codeable

This start-up will help you to set-up and run your website on WordPress simple as a usual breeze, even if you’re not a programmer. But when it mysteriously stops working, gets hacked or you just want to modify your theme a bit, it can be a real hassle, so in this part comes to the help of codaeble.



7. Visionect

Visionect helps companies to build custom digital signage applications with ultra low power consumption. Their signage platform consists of hardware and software for driving any electronic paper display on the market. They make e-paper work: get ready for digital signage displays in environments never before thought possible!



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