7 Days a Week, 7 Different Types of Music!

Music can get us from anything! Even dare I say it, the craziness of the week. From Sunday to Saturday life can throw unexpected turns, endure various altitudes of stress, and simply make us forget the value of life! Music is a helpful reminder, to live your life to the fullest, regardless of the hectic world we live in. For each day, there is an artist, genre, and musical interpretation that will ease the tension of the eventful 7 days of the week.

As the days grow longer with the continuous happenings of the world around us, it’s hard to catch a break. Through the hectic lives we live, we as individuals grow tired some of the routine and can fall victim of society factory-like expectancy. However, through the gruesomeness of the week, music is our knight in shining armor. It is music that can get us through anything including 7 days of the week! Paired with the right day, genre and artists, your week’s can begin to be tackled much more effortlessly. Relieved of stress and (quite honestly) boredom.



Filled with questionable doubt, paired with deserved relaxation, these days is all about rejuvenation and tranquil prosperity. The clouds seem to pass in a solemn way as the breeze hits the window in almost slow motion. As the leaves begin to fall swiftly by the winter breeze, these days in particular feel as if father time embraced the essence of stillness. According to various horoscopes and western culture, Sundays are meant for rest and worship. A peaceful nature is embedded in the structure of this day. Owning the hour with Melbourne jazz-funk band, “Hiatus Kiayote” simmers the boil of stress to a calm pulse of all things chill.

Listen to “Shaolin Monk Motherfunk” by “Hiatus Kiayote” now! 



The morning hits you like a ton of bricks. The water from the showers upon your skin, feels like sharp arrows hitting the flesh of a weak, unamused soul, falsely eager for the day ahead of them. According to GoodLuckSymbols.com, this day represents the moon. From Greek culture to Latin cultures, the day of the moon has been the essence of Monday for centuries. This could explain why Monday’s seems so foggy and low energy. It embodies the atmosphere of the night. Through the understanding of Monday, it is important to lift that spirit with contentment, energy and motivation to start the week of right! In the song “Aint it Fun” by pop-rock band “Paramore”, the song proclaims the feeling of reassurance and optimism for whatever the struggles of life bring. This uplifting musical nature is sure to aid you a healthy dose of gratitude on a day that we all universally dread.

Listen to “Aint it Fun” by “Paramore” Now!



Gravity seems to pull one down harder upon this day of anxiety and perpetual over thinking. It is this day, where it almost feels as if the waves of life are barely splashing on your fragile, dainty toes yet a part of you deserves to jump headfirst in the ocean of apathy. According to Greek culture, Tuesday are known as the “unlucky days”. In the United States, election day falls upon a Tuesday every electing period. So, a day for stress, overwhelming anxiety, and negative future unknowingly seems to be defined perfectly. These days, it is recommended to take it nice and easy with the easy listening, vocal jazz styling of vintage icon “Frank Sinatra”. With his soothing voice with heart melting texture, one could embrace negative impact with ease.

Listen to “Nice and Easy” by “Frank Sinatra” Now!



In Japan, Wednesday translates to water day in correlation to the water planet Mercury. Known as “Hump Day” in many modern societies, the middle of the week is the home stretch for awaiting the exciting weekend ahead. It is important upon this day, that your energy levels remain up and sane to conquer your tasks and goals of the evolutionary week. With this notion, Avant-Garde, out of the box, experimental music is key. Artists such as “Tank and the Bangas” deliver a heavy flow of craziness, perfect for the fourth day of the week! With an impressive mixture of funk, spoken word and hip-hop, this band is like no other! Hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana the musically outlandish band has traveled all over the globe and has been recently nominated for “Best New Artist” at the 2020 Grammy Awards. “Tank and the Bangas” along with other amazing bands are just waiting to be discovered by hardcore music lovers like yourself. Finding new artists upon this day can give you that ounce of creativity and boost needed to conquer your epic week!

Listen to “Quick” by “Tank and the Bangas” Now!



You never doubted it. You’re so proud of it. You straight shouted it. There’s no doubt of it. You couldn’t care less. You love goodness. You think its endless, endless, endless”. There is no better feeling than to love every inch, every thought, and every inkling of yourself. Thursday’s is a day to fuel that inner confidence with an abundant amount of love and inner joy. Self- love and self-awareness are crucial, not only to conquer the week, but to also to reflect on how amazing you truly are! Being the day of Jupiter, it was said in Norse mythology, that this day was used for Spellcaster to produce spells of wealth, success, and prosperity. Heavy energetic, self-loving, borderline narcissistic atmosphere created by noise rock duo “Sleigh Bells”, will give you that special potion for all thing’s confidence.

Listen to “Crown on the Ground” by “Sleigh Bells” Now!



The feeling of completion feels like the mind and body gives an intense outburst in form of a thankful exhale. It is Friday, when the crazy explosion of activities and evolving stress can take a backseat until the start of the coming week. What a perfect time to indulge your restful mind to the sounds of New York City with “The National”. The Indie rock band is perfect for that drive along the beach or a casual stroll alongside a loved one after a long, tireless week. “The National” set the complete mood for all thing’s relief.

Listen to “Rylan” by “The National” Now!



Rage on my music lover, Rage on! Saturday is the adventurous day to throw your cares out of the window and embrace the vibes of feeling free. Let the night take you by the arms as it sets sails on a fun filled journey to pure happiness. A music genre that fits perfectly for the mood is EDM. EDM (Electric dance music) is a wide range of percussive music of electronic nature, which is generally produced for playback and live experimentation by DJ’s. Don’t get mistaken for techno music, as many Europeans would argue that EDM is more of an American version of techno. The high intensity and rollercoaster motion of EDM is perfect for a night of wild days melting into unforgettable nights.

Listen to “90’s Music Remix” By “Kimbra ft. DJ Shadow x Salva” Now!


So, whether your future weeks are prone to stress, roller coaster of emotions and or hectic activities, just know that music will always be your ultimate guide.

Photos: Shutterstock / Photomontage: Martina Advaney


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