6 Useful Apps for Freelancers

As freelancers are their own bosses, self-organization and discipline are key elements for success when it comes to daily tasks. Here are 6 apps that are designed to help those who freelance or work from home be more organized and battle procrastination.

My Price 

Do you never know how much you should charge for a service? This app helps you in a few steps to set the price for a particular project. Available for iOS.


Designed for those who live pacing back and forth, Evernote helps you store and manage all your notes in one place. The best part is that you can access the app from any of your devices – even from the desktop! Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.


Have no more problems with your invoices. The app helps you to send invoices, receipts, credit and debit notices by email, and to analyze everything you need to organize your invoices. Available for Android and iOS.


Do you work so much that you don’t have time to rest? Having a little break is always important in order not to go crazy. This app analyzes your calendar and picks days when you can have a relaxing lunch or hang out with friends. Available for iOS.


This app finds temporary jobs for freelancers who are looking for one. It also provides a possibility for a contractor and an employee to have a chat. Available for Android and iOS.


This app will make the best organizer out of your phone. You can write down tasks, appointments, reminders, … It also has the iCloud system, so you can access it anywhere. Available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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