5 Tips How To Apply Successfully For The Global Youth Forum In Paris

Writing an application is no easy task - mostly because one doesn’t know exactly what the person taking your application in to consideration is looking for. As Youth Time is a social organization that aims to help young people, here an overview of the main things our reviewers will be looking for.

Be to the point

Be frank and precise about who you are, what you want and why you should join the event. Ensure that your application will stand out, and try to make the reader want to find out more about you, instead of presenting an overkill of information.

Be social

Demonstrate how you are concerned about the world around you and how you would like to act upon it. Alternatively, show how you would like to transfer you social awareness upon others. Exhibit how you could be, or wish to be of service to others.

Be authentic

Put simply, write as if you would speak. Don’t throw in corny lines, don’t use too many business terms or abbreviations, don’t copy texts and above all don’t be afraid to show who you really are. Know that we are looking for social leaders, not spineless conformists.

Be modest

While there is no shame in being proud of your achievements, let the CV speak for itself. Focus more on explaining what drives you and what concerns you instead of convincing us why you are qualified to take part in our event. For those who get declined for participation, be courteous, as there is still a chance you will get a call later or may participate in future events.

Be serious (but smile)

Be aware that a great deal of time and effort is made when taking your application in to consideration. Make sure that the English is up to standard and the arguments you make are concise. However, don’t always take yourself too seriously. Humility and a good sense of humor can sometimes be more effective than the strongest argument. 

Be yourself

Don’t try too hard to portray yourself as somebody you are not. We are looking for innovative young people who can bring new ideas to the table. Youth Time welcomes all types of people from different countries, backgrounds, religions etc. In fact, part of what makes our events so special is the celebration of diversity.

Be specific

For those submitting applications for project presentation, always be sure to add all of the necessary details yet try to be as concise as possible. Upon successful submission of your project presentation application, you will be contacted by a member of our team and issued with a more comprehensive form.

This article is prepared in collaboration with Leigh Woods.

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