5 Low-Budget Party Decorations That Are Environmentally Friendly

Your wedding is coming up, but you’re on a budget and don’t want any plastic in your decorations? We got your back! Read on for a few environmentally friendly party ideas.

When it comes to hosting parties or co-organizing them I think nature is the best setting you can be in. Quite often, you don’t really need other decorations as keeping it simple, minimalistic, and classic is key to having a beautiful view, especially in an outdoor environment. However, it might be just me, and I realize that. Some people are obsessed with party decorations and they go wild whenever a holiday, birthday, or other occasion is coming up.

But in this post, I’ll focus mainly on some very basic and non-plastic decorations you can add to your party.

Choose outdoor settings

As I said before, you cannot go wrong with choosing an outdoor setting for your party. You are already setting the bar too high, as an outdoor party is very unlikely to be dull. If you live near the sea, a lake, or near a park where you can gather people in a small space, I suggest you go for it. The upcoming items I’m about to list look wonderful in outdoor spaces.

Plants and flowers are your friends

We’re luckily in the season when you’re never out of flowers. Wherever you look, you can find a few leaves and ground flowers that you can pluck and put on the tables you plan to set. Whether outdoors or on inside environments, flowers add a very cozy vibe to the atmosphere, and you can manage not to spend a dime on them if you spend a bit of time plucking them out of your garden or along the roads. If you’re planning ahead for winter parties, then all hail to flower shops! They’re your go-to.

Use cans for decorations

Glass cans, with a few wooden strings around, are beautiful in party settings, especially if you’re planning something classic like an engagement party, wedding, or even an anniversary. You can just fill them with water, and add flowers you have plucked. Two relatively low-budget items combined working their magic.

Add wood to your surroundings

Of course, I would advise you do this in a very limited manner though, as we don’t want to harm the belongings of Mother Nature. However, you can maybe use tables and chairs you have that are made out of wood. You can make party signs, and orient your guests, towards the bar while writing on a wooden piece. You can even use already cut trees to place them on the table, and then decorate them with a few leaves.  

Candles, candles, candles

I think lighting a few candles can literally and metaphorically light up any room. You can even get them in the colors of your planned party setting, to make the environment more neutral and cool looking. We recommend using hand-made, environmentally friendly candles, which you can find quite easily. We are aware that they can cost a bit more, but they’re definitely worth the money. Assuming you’re using the items above, you won’t have many other things to buy so you can at least invest in pretty and cozy candles.


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