4 Reasons Why Your Job Search Is Failing

If you managed to score a job interview a few days after you’ve decided you want to have a job, you should share that recipe with the rest of the world. If you are one of the thousands of young people trying to get a job but failing miserably, there may be some good reasons why your job search is not going well. Unemployment is like a snowball: the more time you spend without a job, the more discouraging it gets to picture yourself doing what you want and getting paid for your actions. Some people capitulate in the face of hardships. Before you follow in their footsteps, take a look at the reasons why your job search is failing and learn how to fix that.

Is Your Job Search Failing?

  • Your job search relies exclusively on online applications

LinkedIn is the ultimate tool for professionals who want to get a job. It offers the possibility to apply for a certain position within the platform, so all you need is to submit your CV and [maybe] cover letter and that’s it.

Jenny Foss, career strategist and resume writer, says this is not how things work.

Luckily, LinkedIn offers you the chance to redeem yourself.

All you need to do is check if you have any first or second degree connections at the company which offers the position you like and ask if they have any details about the role.

You may receive some tips about how to approach the application, find a way to meet the hiring manager or go home empty-handed. Either way, you’ve tried. That’s better than hitting “send” frantically.

  • Your LinkedIn is not angled toward your target audience

Foss says in her article written for The Muse that your LinkedIn should be complete before you start sending out CVs, it should have relevant keywords and your summary should speak volumes about your experience or the type of professional you are.

If your LinkedIn profile is not saying anything about your professional experience or your expectations, you should adjust your headline, rewrite your summary and optimize your keywords for search.

Read about how to use LinkedIn as a comprehensive networking tool.

  • You are not a key player in your industry

Not everybody can be a thought leader in their industry, but having a voice is essential. If you are not one of the key players in your geographical region or in your profession –don’t despair!

According to Foss, discussion forums are a great start; find some conversations that you like and jump in. Maybe other people just need a person to lead them, so if you have oratorical skills, this is how they will remember your name.

  • Countless job interviews –zero job offers

If you are landing job interviews, kudos to you! This means you may be the person hiring managers are looking for, but not landing the job means you either did something wrong or you did not do enough.

It is time to ask yourself if you are walking into the interviews prepared, if your passion precedes you and if you are wearing the right clothes.

Furthermore, you should know that asking about the next steps before you leave the meeting and sending a thoughtful thank you note/email the moment you get back to your computer will definitely help you score some extra points, the career strategist says.

Check out some tips that will help you to stand out as a candidate for job of your dreams.

There is no such thing as a perfect formula when it comes to writing the ideal resume/cover letter/ LinkedIn profile, but sometimes a tweak or two can help you score an interview or even a job offer.

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