35,000 Ethiopian Students Quit Classes

In this week’s news, we speak about Saudi schools that started teaching the Chinese language, Hong Kong's decision to suspend student exchange programs and unrest in Ethiopia.

Saudi Schools Start Teaching Chinese Language

Asharq Al-Awsat reports that China and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement that will include the Chinese language in schools and universities across the Kingdom. Currently, Chinese instructors are working and teaching the language at different universities.

Beijing and Riyadh signed the agreement in 2017 and it is a part of an ongoing cooperation in the education sector. Saudi government sees this move as the bridge that could further connect the two nations.

Hong Kong Universities Suspend Student Exchange Programs

South China Morning Post reports that hundreds of students will not be coming to Hong Kong after exchange programs had been cancelled. Current anti-government protests are the reason for the decision.

First, the University of Science and Technology (HKUST) stated that there will not be any exchange students in the coming semester. Now, Polytechnic, Baptist, and Education universities have decided to take the same decision.

A Baptist University spokeswoman stated: “The university will continue to monitor social conditions, maintain close liaison with partner institutions, and make relevant arrangements for exchange students again when it is deemed appropriate.”

35,000 Ethiopian Students Quit Classes

CGTN reports that 35,000 Ethiopian students had to quit classes due to ethnic clashes. The Ministry of Science and Higher Education stated: “Ministry of Science and Higher Education has taken disciplinary measures on more than 640 students, 40 teachers, as part of measures to combat unrest in various Ethiopian universities.” Since November 2019, the unrest at various Ethiopian universities caused dozens of killings and injuries. Recently, higher education institutions became places of violence due to religious and ethnic differences.

More about climate protest of students you can read here.

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