10 Songs to Keep You Company On Long Walks

"Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies.” This one is a famous quote from Edward Bulwer-Lytton. It speaks to our thoughts, as really, nothing beats the state of mind of absolute bliss, when you’re listening to the song you’ve been addicted for a while, especially during long walks.

There are some certain ways we can turn back time. Scents, for one, allow us to go back to a certain time when we went through something or can remind us of certain people.

And lucky for us, so does music. Music accompanies our soul, following our mood, feelings and emotions. It can either make us or break us, as some songs remind us of good old days, and others can speak of hurtful periods of our lives, which we look back with grief and remorse.

However, we won’t be collecting ballads through this article. As understood from the title, this article talks about long walks.

Whether you’re taking you dog out, or you’re out alone simply trying to figure out your thoughts, trying to quiet the past and the future, and simply trying to focus on the present, here are 10, beautiful songs that can make your path a bit sweeter.


Travis – Love Will Come Through

Sweet, with lyrics that cheer up your heart and guitar sounds that are utterly sublime. 


The Cranberries – Animal Instinct

If you’re feeling rather nostalgic and revolutionary, this song will suit your mood on your long walks.


Sixpence None The Richer – Kiss me

This, for if you’re feeling like playing on repeat those lovely moments you had with your fellow-shot-by-cupids-arrow person.


Mild Orange – Freak in Me

There’s nothing freaky about this song, really. It’s cool, slow vibes will make you binge on it though, that’s for certain. The perfect song for long walks.


Guns and Roses – Patience

And if you’re looking for encouraging words, this song and its lyrics are certainly your go to. All you need is just Guns and Roses’s Patience.


Alt-J – Taro

Ok, if dig deeper, the lyrics are not really all that positive. But the vibes of this song make you feel like you’re literally in outer space watching the world revolve.

At least that’s the feeling I get from Taro. Give it a shot!


Nick Drake – Northern Sky

Nick Drake and his sensitivity makes one feel shivers. This song is eternally sublime!


Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Dosed

Hands down, my most favorite RHCP song, although choosing out of them is made quite hard to human kind, as their creativity is mind-blowing!

However, this song somewhat speaks to the hearts and is perfect for long walks!


Velvet Underground – I’ll Be Your Mirror

Cheerful and positive enough to get you going through the day. Especially If you’re feeling slightly romantic and optimistic.


Robbie Williams – Go Gentle

Robbie dedicated this song to his daughter, but when you listen to it, it feels like he dedicated it to you personally.

Reminding you to go gentle, easy, to be a giant and let the world be small – this song is a delight for long walks.


The Do – Trustful Hands

Okay, yes, I know the title says 10 songs but this came to my mind by the end of this article, so why not? If you’re a sentimental person that needs some reassurance, this one’s from you.

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